Isentropic Process (1)

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A cylinder is enclosed by a piston and filled with 3.2 kg air. The air inside the cylinder is compressed isentropically from the initial state (p1=1.4 bar, T1=483K) to final state with pressure p2=9.8 bar. Please determine

1) the final temperature T2

2) the work input necessary to compress the air to final state

The heat capacity ratio is κ=1.4.

The air is assumed to be ideal gas and its specific gas constant is R=287 J/kg∙K



1) Since the process of compression is p1-κ· Tκ=const. Then: IS1

2) The work for volume change (here the work input): IS2

Also according to the properties relation of isentropic process: IS3

Therefore we can rewrite the work for volume change:IS4